Zhejiang Concorde Group Co., Ltd.

“Concord” was founded in early 1981 and has now formed a group management. Now it has 7 subsidiaries with a total registered capital of 1.686 billion yuan. The company is adhering to the business philosophy of “coordinated development and harmonious and win-win”. The product concept of Vicente peacekeeping is to manage for efficiency, survive by quality, and develop by innovation. To compete first-class science and technology, the formation of seven categories of products: color coating products, galvanized products, galvanized products, cold rolled products, pickling products, tinplate and new non-oriented silicon steel products. Concord products are widely used in construction, automotive, home appliances, electrical appliances, electrical appliances, construction and decoration, metal products and other industries. The annual output is up to 3.8 million tons, and the products are sold all over the world.


Safe production is the lifeline of a company

In the work of safety production, Concord runs through the concept of “safety responsibility is more important than Taishan” and sets up professional safety management agencies in accordance with the law, which ensures the steady development of the company.

Dedicated to building an ecologically-civilized enterprise and achieving green development

The company introduced advanced environmental protection facilities and adopted the concept of “waste is a misplaced resource” to effectively reduce production costs and increase resource utilization.

Adhere to the 3R Principle and Establish a Circular Energy-saving Economic System

Concord group implements the “3R” principle of “reduction, reuse and recycling”, and gradually establishes a circular economy system, which effectively reduces production costs.

Always insist on putting quality management in the first place

Concord group has always put quality management in the first place, and based on the quality management system, has implemented total quality management. Implement the whole process quality control and control.


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Concorde group convened a new year commencement mobilization meeting

?On February 5, 2017, Concord group held a new year’s mobilization meeting. At the meeting, President Shao Bohu elaborated 2017 of the company’s development plan, made a specific deployment to various departments, and encouraged all the staff to work unremittingly to promote the continuous development of the company and achieve…

Concordance with dreams and build a dream of red mountains

Glitters, music, laughter, words, old and new. In the evening of December 30, 2016, in the evening of December 30, 2016, it was hosted by the workers’ organization of the Hongshan farm and the organization of the Concorde group. The get-together began in the beautiful singing of the chorus “dragon’s…

Double Ninth Festival ,Strong and respecting the old feeling

October 9th is the Double Ninth Festival. 96 elderly people gather at the Huaxin hotel to celebrate the festival. In the evening, the Concorde invited 96 old people from the Hongshan farm to eat a “reunion dinner”, a total of 10 tables, and each old man received a 600 yuan…